Las Vegas Getaway: 4 Ways To Stay Safe While Visiting America’s Most Exciting City

Las Vegas has so much to offer visitors, it makes resisting this electric and eclectic city next to impossible. If you have a getaway planned soon, make sure safety is a priority, so you can enjoy Vegas to the fullest extent.

1. Double-Check All Your Reservations

You don’t want to arrive at any destination, only to discover there’s been a mix up with your reservations. Call your hotel, car rental and every other place or service you expect to have access to ahead of time, to ensure a smooth and safe arrival and stay, with no unexpected waits or cancellations.

2. Try Not To Look Like A Tourist

Every city has predators who actively seek out tourists. That may be because they think people wandering around an unfamiliar city are more vulnerable or that they’ll have extra cash on hand. Whatever the reason, you don’t want to make yourself a target by being “touristy” and inviting that kind of attention.

3. Never Announce Casino Winnings In Public

It can be hard to control yourself when you win money in Las Vegas, but it’s important that you keep your financial windfalls under wraps. Whether you’re dining out and discussing the fabulous win or meandering through your hotel later in the night, keep your voice low and make sure no nefarious ears catch word of your winnings.

4. Limit Your Exploration To Known Places

Although Las Vegas is extremely beautiful and exciting, especially at night, it may not be wise to simply wander around, exploring places that aren’t on your itinerary or that you haven’t previously checked out. If you have your set on an unplanned adventure, ask your hotel staff what the best spots to spontaneously discover are, rather than risk getting lost or ending up somewhere you’d rather not be at that hour.

Las Vegas is a city everyone should visit, at least once in their lifetime. When you come here, make safety a priority, so you can fully experience everything the city has to offer with no regrets.