How To Stay Cool In Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas has a lot of incredible sights to see and amazing things to do, the city does have one major drawback – it is located in the middle of the desert. As a result, temperatures can get extremely hot during the summer months. Finding a way to stay cool is absolutely essential.

One of the best ways to keep from overheating is simply to stay indoors. Buildings in the Las Vegas area are all air-conditioned. That means that you can stay cool and comfortable as long as you don’t step outside into the hot sun.

Be sure to dress appropriately. Avoid dark, heavy clothing, opting instead for lightweight clothing in light colors. Darker colors will absorb the heat from the sun, making you feel even hotter. Lighter colors, on the other hand, tend to reflect the sunlight away, helping you to stay a little bit cooler.

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration is a real risk in the Las Vegas area. Not only is it hot but the air is also extremely dry. This can dramatically increase your body’s need for water. Be sure to drink a lot more water than you normally do so that you can stay adequately hydrated.

If you get overheated, consider taking a dip in the pool. Swimming can instantly cool you off, helping you feel much more comfortable. If you don’t have access to a swimming pool, a cool shower can do the same thing. If you are going to be swimming outdoors, be sure to wear waterproof sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned. Additionally, wear flip-flops or sandals to keep from burning your feet on the pool deck.

Staying cool in Las Vegas is all about finding ways to escape the heat. Staying indoors, swimming, taking a cool shower, and wearing the right clothing can all make a difference in how comfortable you are during your visit.