Forget football games this weekend. Go watch championship dominos near Las Vegas

Tear yourself away from pro and college football this weekend and go watch professional domino players square off in Las Vegas for $50,000 in prizes.

Universal Domino League players will compete this weekend at Green Valley Ranch in suburban Henderson. (Universal Domino League )

"Just like the NFL, NBA and NHL, it’s a professional sport. It’s the oldest game known to man," said Harold Moret, founder of the domino league.

"It’s one of the best spectator sports on Earth because … you can learn how to play dominoes watching the game," he said.

Big screens will be in place on which fans can watch the action. But don’t expect to see poker faces on these pros.

"A domino player is the opposite," Moret said. "He’ll tell you what he’s about to do before he does it. He’ll tell you what tiles he has in his hand."

Refs watch the domino league games to make sure no one cheats. (Universal Domino League )

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